American Journal of Physical Chemistry

Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2022

  • Interactions of Binary Mixtures of 1-Methyl-3-Phenylimidazolium Iodide [MPhlm][l] and Isopropyl Alcohol [C3H8O] at Varying Temperatures

    Victoria Bennett, Nimibofa Ayawei

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 45-51
    Received: 9 July 2022
    Accepted: 8 August 2022
    Published: 17 August 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajpc.20221103.11
    Abstract: In potential engineering and process design applications of binary mixtures containing ionic liquids (ILs), the accurate determination of the physiochemical properties plays a pertinent role. Thermodynamic studies can provide an understanding into the nature of intermolecular interactions occurring between the solute and solvent in solutions. To th... Show More
  • Contribution of Geoelectricity and Remote Sensing to Study the Basement Fractured Zones in the Bandjoun Region (Cameroon)

    Ferdinan Nzouemou, Eric Ndikum Ndoh, Oumarou Sanda, Tabod Charles Tabod, Richard Arnaud Yossa Kamsi

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 52-66
    Received: 28 June 2022
    Accepted: 18 July 2022
    Published: 29 August 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajpc.20221103.12
    Abstract: The main source of drinking water for the rural population in the locality of Bandjoun, in the koung-khi division (West Region of Cameroon) is groundwater. The increase in population combined with the difficult environmental conditions of the division have increased the water shortages. This study aims to use geophysical techniques to identify area... Show More
  • New Kinetic Equations for Spin-Dependent Recombination of Radical Pairs and Their Comparison with Existing Phenomenological Equations

    Kev Minullinovich Salikhov

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 67-74
    Received: 13 August 2022
    Accepted: 30 August 2022
    Published: 8 September 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajpc.20221103.13
    Abstract: For the first time, well-founded new kinetic equations for the density matrix of an ensemble of non-interacting radical pairs (RPs) are derived considering their spin-dependent recombination. Recombination of RP is considered as a quasi-unimolecular process. Similar to Rice-Ramsperger-Kassel-Marcus (RRKM) theory of unimolecular reactions it is sugg... Show More
  • Health Assessment of the Physico-chemical Quality Treated Water of the City of Nouakchott

    Lalla Sidi Mohamed Tablenkou, Brahim Ahmed Dick, Mohamed Bouna Ammar, Yahya Maham Ould Sidi, Mohamed Fekhaoui

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 75-77
    Received: 5 October 2021
    Accepted: 7 September 2022
    Published: 28 September 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajpc.20221103.14
    Abstract: Follow the physicochemical quality of treated water from the city of Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania, which plays a very important role as the main source of drinking water in the Nouakchott area, we made a sample every two months Sites: Water treated with the release of the release of the release of the release of the release of the release of t... Show More
  • Study of the Synthesis of Activated Carbon from Brewery Grains: Application to the Removal of the Cationic Dye Methylene Blue

    Samadou Sanni, Ibrahim Tchakala, Clement Kolawole Balogoun, Tomkouani Kodom, Moctar Limam Bawa

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 78-84
    Received: 24 July 2022
    Accepted: 25 September 2022
    Published: 28 September 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajpc.20221103.15
    Abstract: The aim of this work is the synthesis of actived carbon optimized from the brewery's residue by a simple pyrolysis process preceded by a chemical impregnation with phosphoric acid. The activated carbon obtained coded CA-D has been applied for the removal of to the cationic dye (methylen blue). With a good mass yield of 77.7%, the iodine and methyle... Show More