American Journal of Physical Chemistry

Reviewers (31)
  • Dr. Sreyoshi Sur
    Moderna Inc., Cambridge, United States
  • Dr. Yi Wang
    Department of Chemistry, Indiana University, Bloomington , United States
  • Dr. Weijun Luo
    Department of Chemistry, Boston University, Boston, United States
  • Soumyadip Bhunia
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Institute of Science), Jerusalem, Israel
  • Ali Sarikhani
    Department of Physics, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, United States
  • Assoc. Prof. Jin Zhang
    College of Education for the Future, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, China
  • Dr. Azhar Saeed
    Institute for Advanced Study, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China
  • Xiaowei Wu
    State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China
  • Muhammad Shafi
    Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China
  • Assist. Prof. Shanti Gopal Patra
    Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Technology Silchar, Silchar, India
  • Assoc. Prof. Ganta Praveen Chand
    Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities, Kallam Haranadha Reddy Institute of Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada, Guntur, India
  • Dr. Yusuf Olanrewaju
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, African University of Science and Technology, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Rafat RafieiRad
    Engineering Department, Mohaghegh University, Ardabil, Iran
  • Masood ul Hassan Farooq
    Department of Natural Sciences and Humanities, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Sameh Gamal
    Department of Chemistry, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
  • Ajay Kumar Singh
    Department of Physics, Bareilly College, Bareilly, Bareilly, India
  • Dr. Sanjib Jana
    School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Dr. Lotfi Boudjema
    Department of Chemistry, University College London, London, United Kingdom
  • Nawal Al Abass
    National Center for Nanotechnology and Semiconductor, King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Sanket Ranjan Kadulkar
    Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, United States
  • Vasileios Fotopoulos
    Department of Physics, University College London (UCL), London, United Kingdom
  • Assoc. Prof. Hatice Karaer Yağmur
    Department of Chemistry, Dicle University, Diyarbakir, Turkey
  • Dong Li
    Faculty of Materials Metallurgy and Chemsitry, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Ganzhou, China
  • Ioana Stanciu
    Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
  • Jelena Petrovic
    Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Assoc. Prof. Elham Tazikehlemeski
    Department of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University, Gorgan, Iran
  • Dr. Piyali Mukherjee
    Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
  • Heba Salem
    Department of Chemistry, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt
  • Tejmani Behera
    Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
  • Morteza Torabi Rad
    Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • Srikanta Karmakar
    Department of Polymer Science and Technology, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India